While technology companies like Apple, Google, Amazon, Netflix, and Facebook have dominated headlines and stockholder returns for the past decade, there are several lesser-known companies that have performed just as well, such as HEICO, Trex, Casella, and Graco. These companies are leaders in the industrial technology sector, which covers a broad array of products that are essential to the functioning of our economy and, over the next decade, will provide a better future, not just for investors but for the workforce and our broader communities as well.
In The Titanium Economy, Fernweh CEO, Nick Santhanam, and McKinsey partners, Asutosh Padhi and Gaurav Batra, highlight these leaders of the industrial technology sector, which have developed best-in-class people, processes, and systems to strengthen the backbone of the economic supply chain, which results in high-paying, domestic jobs and soaring stock returns.