Fernweh is a new type of partner to management teams, founded on the belief that by integrating management knowhow, technology, digital best practices, and flexible capital, we can help industrial and industrial technology companies in North America and Europe create “alpha” and drive accelerated, sustainable, and profitable growth.

Fernweh was launched by leaders from global institutions, with extensive prior experience advising companies in the industrial and industrial technology sectors on strategy, M&A, and operational transformation. We founded Fernweh because we believe that companies in the mid- and small-cap industrial and industrial technology sectors are the engine of the economy. By tailoring cutting-edge management capability, operational and strategic transformation support, and capital for each company’s unique context, history, and needs, we hope to create value for all stakeholders.


  • Committed and flexible capital to support investments in growth and/or increased resiliency
  • World-class advisory support to help leadership teams drive transformative change
  • A bench of seasoned executives who can step into operational roles as and when needed
  • An ecosystem of technology partners with whom we can work to digitally enable your operations and make improvements sustainable for the long term

In all cases, our commitment to the success of our portfolio companies is absolute, and we align our interests with theirs.
We only succeed as they do